Howdy Folks !

Allow me to briefly introduce myself: My name is Franz Pink, and I was born on 25th March,1961 in Sathmar ( Transylvania ) , Romania.
The love of music was instilled in me , as the saying goes , while in the cradle. It transpired that already at the age of four , I began to play those songs I had heard on the piano with one finger. This was occassionally annoying for my family, who had to put up with it.
Three years later my parents enrolled me in a state music school. After very good results on an abilities test for acceptance in the school and based on an excellent ear for music , the examing teacher advised my parents to have the “ lad “ learn the art of violin playing. And so, at the tender age of seven , I began violin lessons.

From 1968 to 1980 I studied this instrument intensively, with great enjoyment and zeal. Numerous classical works were also played during this time .As a secondary instrument, I also studied the piano and discovered the guitar as another favorite instrument.
I graduated from the music school in 1980.
On a hobby basis I played in various bands in my hometown during my study years.
In 1989 I moved to Germany, and three years later fell in love with American country music.

In the year 2004, I met K.C. Williams on an exhibition of music in Kassel / Germany, where we played together. Since that day I'm on his International Tour Band. A highlight was our show on the stage in the year 2006, where we played the supporting act on the show of PINK at the Summertime Festival in Millwaukee /USA, the world's biggest music festival.

In December 2012, my son Roland and I traveled to a show in Qindao / China, together with many well-known musicians like the tenor Cristian Lanza, Prof. Andreas Bach from the HfM Freiburg and the jazz-saxophon-player Richard von Bracken. Richard and Roland even played there together with me.

If I have aroused your interest , and you would like to learn more about me just:
Call me or send me an e-mail.

Yours truly, Franz Pink

Current Projects:
  • K.C. WILLIAMS International Tour Band (USA)
  • Kaffeeklang - Acoustic Jazz Trio
  • Montana Highway- Countryband
  • Klaus Austen-Duo-Trio
  • Holger Mauer Duo-Trio
  • Picobello-Party and Showband
Other Appearances:
  • Live act at the grand theatre Qingdao / China in December 2012
  • „Summertime Festival 2006“ in Millwaukee /USA with K.C. Williams
  • „Our-Festival“ in Vianden/Luxembourg
  • „Albisgüetli“ in Zürich/Schweiz
  • „Country-Picknick“ in Mragowo/Polen – 2004/2006
  • “Summertime-Festival“ in St. Vith/Belgien
  • “Country-Music-Festival” in Netherlands
  • and much more... (see homepage
Previous Projects:
  • 1999 – 2002 Country Band CUSTER from Nürnberg
  • 2003 County Band COUNTRY STARS from Nürnberg